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Dean Rahaman

Dean Rahaman

Owner And Founder

I believe through my own personal experience and through working with hundreds of men over the last 15 years that we need a little guidance. We need to know how women really want men to behave, we need to know how we actually say what we feel and to get what we want. We need to know what the actual answers are to questions like how do I lose the gut? How do I get a promotion or pay rise at work? How do I have more confidence? Why do dick heads always seem to get the girl? These are all questions I had once upon a time and now I want to share my methods of how I got what I want with you.  I created this safe non judgemental space for men to come and talk to other men, to share ideas, concerns, what’s worked for them and just to have more friends.

The reason I started this buisness and these support groups is because I was tired of going to groups and not getting answers. I know and I believe to my core that men need help and guidance now more than ever. 

There is so much confusion out there about what a man is supposed to be in this day and age.  What we should or shouldn’t say, how we should flirt or not flirt through fear of a lawsuit. I want to give you guys some clairty in psychology, evolutionary biology (without science lessons) and behaviours, clairty and clear information about how to lose weight, how to boost testosterone and why if you’re over 30 that’s super improtant.  

I won’t hold back information from you guys, I want you to be good guys getting what you want in your work, love life and social life. Not nice guys who are finishing last!

My client here went through a 12 week nutrition, training and mental health outlook program to achieve this amazing result. Our primary focus was health. The aesthetic came after.

How Do I Get Results For Clients?

  1. ANALYTICS, I need to know about your history of dieting, relationships, how you formed ideas and perceptions about life, food and exercise. Then I need to know what you want to achieve, happiness, more sex, better looking women, better career, lean abs, bigger legs you name it, we cover it.
  2. PLANNING, we create a plan that suits your lifestyle, working around your time availability and what’s optimal for you. In face training sessions, or online consultation type sessions covering anything and everything we need.
  3. EXECUTION and ACCOUNTABILITY! This is where the results and the magic happen! Your weekly, bi weekly or monthly check in you will be expected to show you’ve put the steps in place and executed them as we planned. 


My Services

Here’s What I Can Help You With

Group chat sessions

A friendly , welcoming and non-judgemental space for men to talk to other men to get some answers, vent out some frustrations and make new friends or business aquaintences. Arrange via Meetup or Eventbrite or Zoom, these events are free if online or paid to cover venue hire.

1:1 Men's Coaching

A complete personal and confidential service providing career change or progression guidnace, personal guidance in relationships, having difficult conversations, mental health issues like depression, eating disorders and money management.

Body Shape Change Coaching

A complete health, wellness and physique shaping service. This will include analysis of heart function, digestive function and stress levels. Along with nutrition plans to match your body shape goals and a training plan which can be executed at home or in the gym. The picture above is 8 weeks progress of a client of mine.

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