Men's Group Chat

Men's Group Chat

Online or In Person

A safe and completely non-judgemental space for men to come and chat. To meet other men for friendship, health advice or potential business networking. But most importantly getting some answers to those long help questions.

These groups are either held through Zoom or at an actual venue. The sign up is done through or The groups online are free during the Covid restrictions and in venue groups will be a minimal charge just to cover the room hire. I dont want to make profit on these groups, I want to help men get a lot of wind up and stress off their chest. Then fill their heads with possibilites and options for moving forwards.

1:1 Mens Coaching

1:1 Mens Coaching

Ramping up your life!

This covers all aspects of mental health (within the confines of my own knowledge and qualifications), wealth, business, career guidance, relationship guidance, sexual health, sexual performance, hormone balance and everything in between.

This is a complete health and lifestyle consultancy service, leaving no stones unturned in order to get you what you want. The guy in the picture on the left is a client who worked with me fighting through depression, weight gain and a career crossroad. I guided him through what he really wanted, what kind if direction he wanted to go and made sure he was equipped with the skills to follow through.

Once we sorted the mental side of things, we went to work on the physical, I set him up a nutritional and training plan and the picture is the result of four weeks following an optimised plan.

Body Shape Change Coaching

Body Shape Change Coaching

More Than A Workout Plan!

The Training and nutrition plans I provide my clients gurantee results as long they’re adhered to!

I spend a lot of my time working with men who want to lose fat or gain muscle or both. My programs work with your body and with science to make sure that you get the body shape you want.

The process starts with muscle and flexibility testing t make sure you can swtich on the right muscles in the right order to perform the right movments. Then once I’m happy that you can handle the resistance part of the program I write out your whole weeks’ activity and food to match. I have full control over as many variables as possible to make sure you succeed in your body shape change where others fail. Following my plan my client on the left achieved this change in 8 weeks.

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